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Maia  Caron

Maia Caron is the author of Never Say We Go Last, a dual timeline historical novel forthcoming from Doubleday Canada (Spring 2024)
Maia is also the author of Song of Batoche (2017), a historical novel about the Métis Northwest Resistance of 1885.

Listen to Maia Caron talk to Shelagh Rogers about Song of Batoche and “Writing Dialogue for the Dead.” 

“Where do women fit into the story of the North-West Resistance? That’s a question Maia Caron decided to answer in her novel, Song of Batoche. Along with Riel and Dumont, women are key players in her retelling of this pivotal piece of Canadian history.”

Shelagh Rogers, The Next Chapter


 “Along with Riel and Dumont, women are key players in Maia Caron’s retelling of this pivotal piece of Canadian history. An ambitious, broad, sweeping, love, military, historical mystery.” 

– Shelagh Rogers, The NExt Chapter


“This passionate retelling uses women’s eyes to reveal the hidden history behind Riel and Gabriel Dumont. Deeply researched, and rooted in the soil of Batoche.”


Marina Endicott, author of the Giller-nominated Close to Hugh

“Characters fly off the page…creating raw tension to the end . . . Song of Batoche is such a uniquely beautiful book — gorgeous language literally from the first sentence to the last.”


Elyse Walters, Goodreads

“One of the innovative qualities of this account of the 1885 Resistance is that so much of it is told from the perspective of the Metis women. With dynamic characters and a strong sense of place—it is the women who take us deep into Riel’s dream of a new North-West, with his own church at its head.”


Cherie Thiessen, BC BookWorld

“A fascinating and beautifully written account of Louis Riel and the months preceding the Battle of Batoche, as seen through the eyes of the Metis women. This is a perspective we’ve not seen before, and Caron handles it with compassion and depth.”

LAUREN B. DAVIS, author of the Giller-nominated Our Daily Bread and The Grimoire of Kensington Market

“Caron weaves a tale of love, betrayal and obsession . . . a vivid and fast-paced retelling of this moment in Canadian history.” 

DENE MOORE, Toronto Star, November 2017

“Combining fine research and engaging storytelling, Song of Batoche is a stirring fictionalized account of events in and around the 1885 North-West Resistance. Josette Lavoie is an intriguing and memorable heroine.”  

KATHERENA VERMETTE, author of The Break and winner of the First Novel Award